Caged CrossFit is a CrossFit facility, not a typical gym that you walk into and use on your own. We have created an environment conducive to empowering our members to push themselves to gain results that were thought not to be possible. This is not a facility where you will see machines wall to wall with people waiting in line to “get their turn”. We find the majority of machines in big box gyms to be less efficient than functional exercises, thus we program our daily workouts to focus on real life output not gym specific strength.

Our goal is to educate, instruct and train our members to exceed their physical and mental capacities as a human being.  Whether your goal is to lose body-fat, build muscle, or perform better at your particular sport, CrossFit has been proven through simple science to attain all those goals.

If you were looking for the “quick fix”, you've probably left to seek out a more traditional facility by now, and there you will find that the truth is, there is no “quick fix” to living an active and healthy lifestyle. You will need to invest in your fitness and education and that is what we offer at Caged CrossFit.  We are not a gimmicky fitness program.  We don’t waste your time or ours with bogus fitness myths.  We will tell it to you straight and push you to TRAIN HARD and EAT RIGHT!  Your results speak for themselves and YOU will prove it!   Nutrition is an important component of health and fitness.  In the hierarchy of overall wellness, nutrition is the foundation.  

There will not be a long sales pitch, we will tell you the facts and what you would be paying for and if it is not something you are interested in, it will end at that. No daily calls, no convincing. We are not in the business of selling CrossFit – the program and results will sell themselves.

For more information CALL 727-270-3200 or come join us at Caged CrossFit.









8038 118th Ave. N.,

Largo, FL 33773 


Tel: 727.270.3200

Lauren and Patrick Ehnis - Owners

Rachel and Mike Dinkeldein - Co-Owners


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