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Jayson Velez


In 2015, Jayson reached a point where his weight and fitness level no longer allowed him to do the things he loved. He found Caged CrossFit and that sparked a flame within Jayson that allowed him to not only loose a significant amount of weight but gain a fitness level that pales in comparison to what he ever thought was possible. Jayson brings a lot to the Caged community from his passion for CrossFit to his desire to help others along with his United States Army background and his extensive experience in cycling and outdoor recreational sports. Monday through Friday you’re sure to find Jayson at Caged CrossFit working out and motivating our fellow athletes. On the weekends you can catch him utilizing his functional fitness skills cycling and mountain biking!

Certified CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

Certified CrossFit Judge

FICL Mountain Biking Coach

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