Kyle Elam


Kyle has been a member of Caged CrossFit since July 1, 2013 and joined the Caged CrossFit coaching staff in October of 2015. He is a fan of a lot of the CrossFit movements and workouts, with his favorite movement being the Overhead squat. Kyle enjoys short workouts that involve high intensity. After all, intensity is what gets us fit - not volume.

Kyle is passionate about fitness and believes it can be used as a tool to improve in every aspect of life, regardless of the athletes fitness level. Fitness does not discriminate; it is available to anyone who is willing to show up and put in the effort.

Kyle also strongly believes that our health and fitness are priceless. “They’re something, for the most part, that we have complete control of, and it is my goal as a coach to help athletes get the most out of their health and fitness. The ultimate goal is to create a fitness buffer so large that we stave off sickness for life. This is largely done through our nutrition, but by also improving our fitness - increasing our work capacity across broad times and modal domains.”

Certified CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

Certified CrossFit Judge