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What is CrossFit High School?

Customized for ages 14-18, this program offers exciting workouts for all experience levels, and commitment levels. Develop confidence, better body mechanics, and build strength & endurance that can cary over to multiple sports or hobbies. 

The Program

Tailored workouts for individual athletes:

  • Flexibility & range of motion

  • Cardiovascular endurance

  • Strength & power

  • Coordination & agility

Designed to help prevent injuries and create safe fitness foundations beyond the teens.


Schedule & Pricing



2:45pm - 3:45pm


6 week sessions

$40/week - 3 classes per week

$30/week - 2 classes per week

Which one is for me?

CrossFit Kids

Ages 6-13

Designed for elementary and middle school age kids. Fitness basics and body mechanics are integrated through games and small workouts. Exercise is taught to be fun and a part of their lifestyle.

CrossFit High School

Ages 14-18

Designed for high school aged kids. This program takes youth that has an interest in fitness from 'working out' to 'training'. Young adults are taught the safe and correct way to lift weights, introduced to sport specific training and build the knowledge and drive to continue their athleticism beyond school age. 


Ages 18-99

Adults in this program are coached in small groups from the beginning of the hour to the end. The community is strong and each person can tailor the workouts to their specific needs. From the seasoned athlete to the person just wanting to stay in shape, this class is truly for everyone.

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